Reed Adamson
Reed Adamson
was a Surgical Resident working at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and is portrayed by Nora Zehetner. She previously worked at the Mercy West Medical Center until it merged with Seattle Grace Hospital. She was shot to death by grieving widower, Gary Clark during the season six finale, "Sanctuary", because she was more concerned with tending to a patient than helping Gary Clark find Dr. Shepherd.

Personal LifeEdit

Reed Adamson and April Kepner were close friends. They lived together as roommates and had many things in common.

Romantic LifeEdit

Upon arriving, she flirted with Dr. Alex Karev for some time, stating there was something special about him. She most recently had a one-night stand with Mark Sloan, which he was seeing Teddy Altman. Charles Percy was her friend and was interested in her romantically, but both were tragically killed before he had a chance to pursue a relationship.


She worked as an intern, and as a resident, at the Mercy West Medical Center until the merger with the Seattle Grace Hospital, where she was supposed to finish her residency.